HCA Hanover Emergency Center

Healthcare New Construction BIM

The HCA Hanover Emergency Center project was a new ground up free standing emergency department. Our scope of work consisted of HVAC, plumbing, and medical gas systems serving the facility's exam rooms, triage, and imaging department. The HVAC consisted of two packaged roof top units totaling 90 tons. The rooftop units served 45 VAV boxes and associated ductwork.

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VCUHS Main Hospital - Emergency Dept. Renovation And Expansion

Healthcare Renovation Fast Track

The project was a three phase occupied renovation that updated and reconfigured the existing Emergency space. Renovating the occupied emergency department required close coordination with the Hospital in order to keep their operations online while the work was completed.

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Our Lady Of Lourdes School Renovation

K-8 School Renovation Design-Assist

The Our Lady of Lourdes Renovation project consisted of a new HVAC system installation that was completed in 56 days over summer break. The HVAC system included 13 wall mounted packaged air conditioning units, associated natural gas piping, and ductwork serving the classrooms. The administration offices were served by multi-zone heat pumps.

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St. Edward-Ephiphany School Renovation

K-8 School Renovation Design-Build

The St. Edward-Epiphany School project was a design-build renovation of the HVAC system serving the school. Our scope of work consisted of a new VRF system, new outdoor air units, and substantial upgrades to the existing heating hot water system. The project which included 4,000 ft. of refrigerant pipe, and 1,500 ft. of heating water piping was completed in 45 working days.

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St. Catherine's School - New Central Plant

K-12 School New Construction

The new central plant consists of 760 tons of water cooled chillers, and serves chilled water to the entire St. Catherine's campus. This project included substantial modification to the existing below grade campus chilled water loop, and was done in close coordination with the school to complete the project while the school was active.

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Benedictine College Preparatory - New Gymnasium

High School New Construction

The new gym consists of a college-size basketball court, an auxiliary gym, a running/walking track around the court, locker/shower rooms, and multiple offices. eTEC’s scope of work included the installation of 6 new package RTUS, 25 VAVS and associated ductwork. The plumbing scope of work consisted of the installation of 27 water closets, 24 urinals, 9 lavatories, 22 sinks, 9 showers, 2 water heaters and associated waste, vent, and domestic water piping.

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HOPE Church Kids & Lodge

Place of Worship Assembly New Construction

The HOPE Church Lodge building serves as a standalone youth ministry located on the western side of the West Creek Campus. The HOPE Kids building is an addition and renovation of the existing childrens ministry. The HVAC scope of work consisted of two packaged Roof Top Units serving the Hope Kids building, and a VRF system coupled with a dedicated outdoor air unit serving the HOPE Lodge.

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Richmond ARC

office New Construction

ARCenter serves as the headquarters for the Greater Richmond ARC. Our scope of work consisted of Natural Gas serving the HVAC equipment, and plumbing serving the restrooms and catering space. The HVAC consisted of 12 packaged roof top units and radiant floor heating.

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Henrico Waste Water Treatment Plant - Administration Building Renovation

Office Renovation

The Henrico Waste Water Treatment project was a four phase renovation of the existing HVAC system. The new system included (2) two air cooled chillers, (4) four Air Handling Units, (39) chilled beams, (2) two heat exchangers, (6) six base mounted pumps, (23) terminal boxes, (15) exhaust fans, (6) precision air valves, and associated duct and piping systems. The lab space is served by the chilled beam system and the offices have their own terminal boxes.

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HandCraft Cleaners Process Piping

Process Piping Renovation Fast Track

The new linen services building doubles the size of HandCraft Cleaners Coffer Road facility. The project was built to serve healthcare laundry needs, and includes two large tunnel washers, 20 batch dryers, and four ironers. ETEC Mechanical was responsible for all process piping in the facility.

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Amazon Warehouse

Warehouse  Renovation

This project was the retrofit of the HVAC for an existing warehouse. The scope of work consisted of the addition of (3) new 100-ton package RTUs with gas heat, new duct outside, and duct sock inside.

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Ardent Ales Brewery Process Piping

Process PipingRenovation Brewery

The Ardent Craft Ales facility was a design-assist project consisting of a 300 BBL beer brewing system and associated process piping. The equipment served includes a 15-barrel system, with an oversized, 20-barrel mash tun for higher gravity beers, a 15-barrel kettle, four 30-barrel fermenters and one 30-barrel bright tank.

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